I hereby give my consent that photos and or recordings my be reproduced or used
in it’s original form by Healing Melodies MTME for all publication and website
I hereby give Healing Melodies MTME authorization and consent of release of my
photos and or recordings for original work, video recording, photocopies, audio
recording, photographs/slides, and multimedia formats.
I grant this consent voluntarily, subject only to the condition that I will not be
identified by name in association with any of my photos or recordings.
I understand that I may withdraw my consent, in writing at any time. Should I
withdraw my consent, any such work will not be further shown or used for any
purposes, but will be retained by Healing Melodies MTME until it can be returned.
I understand that I will not be paid any fee or other considerations for allowing the
work to be photographed or recorded of for allowing said work to be shown/used
for the above stated purposes.
I have read this consent form and hereby agree. 

© Copyright Healing Melodies MTME